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Ippin – Multiple Award-Winning Sake by Yoshikubo Brewery

London Sake Challenge (2012) – Bronze Award San Francisco International Wine Competition (2017)- Double Gold Award


Sake Ippin was born in Mito-City, Ibaraki-Pref., Japan over 230 years ago by Yoshikubo Brewery which served its sakes to Mito Tokugawa Family (Shogun Family).

Because of its unique geographical characteristics, high quality rice and super soft water combination produces very slow fermentation which creates "Clean and Sweet" (clean aroma and rich sweetness) at same time.

Multiple award winning "Ippin Junmai" was particularly developed for pairing with oyster dishes, however, its "Clean and Sweet" characteristics compliment for white fish as well.

Inniskillin Icewine Vidal – International Award-Winning Sweet Wine

Inniskillin1 Inniskillin2

Crafted by Inniskillin Winery in the Niagara Peninsula, we are proud to introduce Canadian Icewine to our guests with well-balanced sweetness and rich aromas of fruits ranging from mango to peach to lemon to lychees. An elegant Icewine can be a perfect aperitif to start or dessert to complete your dining experience.

Kuramoto Ice from Japan

Ice1 Ice2

Kuramoto Ice is a well-established, family-owned company with about 100 years of history and the oldest ice manufacturer in the city of Kanazawa. Junpyo ("pure ice" in Japanese). The high quality of the slow-melting ice retains the original flavor of your drink without diluting it. Beautiful ultra-pure luxury ice with nearly zero impurities is produced by spending extra time and effort.

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